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We know running your own website on the web is not an easy task. The most difficult part of it all is getting visitors to actually visit your site. You may have the best content, but if no one knows about it, nothing will become of it.

Naturally, advertising would the ideal solution to your traffic problem but that means spending huge amount of money on such promotions. Another solution is to join banner exchange programs to swap traffic but that means a disadvantaged ratio. Usually banner exchanges will abide by a 2:1 ratio rule which means for every 2 exposures of their banner, you will only get 1 back. Sounds unfair, but that is how it usually work because the extra exposures you give will be used for the exchange's internal advertising campaign. Basically, you are giving them free traffic with half the returns on your investment. Some banner exchanges even go by a 3:1 ratio.

Yet another solution would be to list your site on major search engines. Although this may be a way to generate traffic, it is often too difficult or costly to be listed effectively. That is if you even get listed at all. Additionally, search engines take up to 6 months to even add your URL to their database. As a webmaster, you know that 6 months in web time is simply unacceptable. The dynamics of the online world waits for no one where time is a crucial factor in your site's success.

Fortunately, we at have come up with a solution that will address all these issues. Using a unique ranking system, we are able to generate traffic for participating sites. All that is required is a special link placed on your site used to track your incoming hits. The more hits you generate with that link, the higher you will be placed on our list pages. The higher you are ranked on our lists, the more exposures you will get in return. Here are some key benefits of joining our network:

  • It's Free! There is absolutely no charge whatsoever. We earn revenue from our advertising efforts within our site not yours.
  • Better than average return in traffic. Some members are even getting 5 times in return traffic.
  • Fast listings. Our database updates every 30 minutes. As long as you send in at least 1 hit per week, you will be automatically listed.
  • We are a Go2Net strategic partner. Our mutually beneficial partnership will ensure return visitors to our site and pages, generating additional traffic for our members.

Ready to join? Click on the appropriate category below and fill out your website info. You will be given a unique tracking code once the registration proccess has been completed.

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