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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is
A: Its a web portal focused on making your online experience as easy to navigate as possible. In additional to a world class search engine, we offer listings of the most popular participating sites. Using our unique ranking system, we are able to track visitor votes to participating sites.

Q: How do I vote for a site?
A: Simply visit any of the sites on our list and look for any of our logos. Clicking on any of them will bring you to the voting gateway. You then have a choice of clicking 'YES' or 'NO'. Clicking 'YES' will register a vote for the referring site. We have anti-cheating methods deployed to prevent false votes.

Q: How much does it cost to access this site?
A: It's a FREE service made possible by various sponsors on the web. Feel free exploring our site to your heart's desire. Also note that we only list sites that are free to visitors so don't worry!

Q: I know a site that I think should list. How do I suggest a site?
A: You can email us with your suggestons at . You can also write to that site to ask them to join.

Q: Why won't my votes register on your system?
A: Our list updates every 30 mins so it will show up on the next scheduled update.

If you are a webmaster, please check out our Webmaster FAQ.

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